HISTEK at "Summer Day"

30 April 2019
HISTEK introduced at "Summer Day" in Elbasan

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana joined the fair of “Summer Day” in Elbasan city on 12-14th of March 2019. This fair was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Elbasan. The participation of CCIT had the purpose to promote the projects that this institution benefited from the European Union, where one of them is HISTEK project which has in the core of itself promotion of competitiveness and internationalization of the SMEs in the programme area Italy-Montenegro-Albania. The project aims at training young people in key enabling technologies which are considered very important for growth and employment as they provide the basis for inovation in a large range of industries. One of the main aim of HISTEK project is to set up a new curriculum post-diploma for Tertiary Education, as a possible tool for growth and development of young technician. As a lot of albanian regional businesses were part of this fair, they all expressed interest to join the HISTEK project. The main result of the project is the creation of a dedicated cluster SMEs/Training Institutions/Public Institutions belonging to the three Countries for supporting, with a strong commitment, a networked innovation community able to improve, with common pilot actions, the process of developing the skills of young people of the three territories, favoring the free market of labor and the real and sustainable competitiveness of CB SMEs. Actually, this represent a development stategy in the cross-border market of SMEs.

A significant part of the participants, once they are known with the project idea, has expressed an interest to join the cluster, as they know the needs of SMEs related to the lack of trained staffs and the lack of curriculum in tertiary education.   

This fair has become a tradition after being organized every year in Elbasan city on the occassion of “Summer Day”. This year marked the 22nd edition of the fair.