30 October 2019
HISTEK Steering Committee meeting held in Durres

The Steering Committee meeting of all partners involved in HISTEK project was held in Durres, Albania on 30 October 2019. 

This meeting in Albania was the occasion to assess the results of completed during the project life so far in terms of activities, communication results, expenses and the data collected by the stakeholders. The analysis of the work done so far aimed at understanding where are we at when it comes to cluster creation as well as the development of a specific fifth level programme in mechatronics and ICT.

All the partners agreed on the decisions made regarding the contribution of each partner for the successful implementation of all the activities and events in order to reach the objectives of the project.



HISTEK is a cross-border cooperation project financed by Interreg IT-AL-ME programme. It aims at enhancing SMEs’ capacities of competitiveness, innovation and internationalization, through the creation of a new cross-border cluster whose members are SMEs, Training Organizations and Public Institutions, strongly committed to set-up and carry on, with a co-responsible approach, a cross-border innovation community. In order to improve SMEs’ competitiveness and innovation, one of the most important leverages is represented by human resources, i.e. companies, especially those ones that have already or intend to establish new branches in CB area, need very highly qualified technicians according to CB common standards, to allow and to favor their mobility in the 3 Countries. For this reason HISTEK, will create the CBC cluster that will work soundly to develop common tools for assessing SMEs’ needs in terms of human resources, and to create common standards to be adopted in the education systems for developing young highly qualified technicians.